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The environmental team is on point for local, state and federal attempts to weaken protections. Actions include a lead role in trying to ban single-use plastic bags in Beaufort County. We also have a booth on the last Saturday of the month at the Port Royal Farmers Market, and a float for the Beaufort Water Festival. The team also takes action to oppose offshore oil drilling and seismic testing.


Work is underway on an Environmental Science Symposium for the fall with a segment on how climate change will affect our beloved Lowcountry.

Environmental Symposium

October 28, 2017


Eric W. Montie

Associate Professor

Department of Natural Science


Snaps, Grunts, and Whistles!!!  How the Underwater Sounds of the Lowcountry May Help Us Understand the Impacts of Climate Change

Joseph L. Staton, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology and Founding Dean

School of Science and Mathematics


Potential Impace of Sea-Level Rise on a Beach Community:  Hilton Head Island, SC

Jena L. Chojnowski

Assistant Professor

Department of Natural Science


Developmental Effects of Pollutants in the Marine Environment

Diego L. Gil-Agudelo

Postdoctoral Associate


Coral Reefs:  Our Planet's Early Indicators of Climate Change

Stephen A. Borgianini

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Natural Science


"The Golden Egg":  Why We Call The Lowcountry Home

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