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Team Leader:  Barb Nash


The battle for our healthcare is not over.  Threats to end Cost Sharing Reductions, the reimbursements that help insurers provide for low income Americans, have already destabilized the market.  The administration has not given up on its intent to take healthcare from millions of Americans. It’s likely to play out on three fronts:


  • Talks continue among Republicans and the White House to draft another bill in secret. The “Graham-Cassidy” bill keeps many of the failed approaches of TrumpCare, while adding more devastating cuts that would hurt people who need to rely on tax credits to help them afford insurance.


  • The White House is openly sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. The Trump administration is threatening to stop cost sharing reduction payments and it has cancelled help center contracts in 18 cities.

  • Some Republicans are talking about a bipartisan approach. The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, led by Republican Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander and Democratic Washington Sen. Patty Murray plan to hold bipartisan hearings early in September.  The hearings will focus on stabilizing premiums and helping people in the individual market.  We are watching this closely.

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