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Team Leader: Carol Corbin

  • Team meets every other Friday 

  • Universalist Unitarian Fellowship
    Sam's Point Road, Lady's Island

Bluffton High School Student Walkout 3 14 18

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This group began with a very visible protest of our county sheriff’s request to become a local enforcer of federal immigration laws. The local teams wrote letters to the editor and notes to Sheriff P.J. Tanner to focus his attention on local and state laws, especially given his limited budget.

The Justice Team has evolved to take on other pressing social justice concerns including:

  • Democracy

  • Economic Inequality

  • Elections and Voting

  • Gender and Women's Issues

  • Gun Sense

  • Housing

  • Incarceration

  • Media

  • Politics

  • Racial Justice

Our team activities are varied and include:


  • Marching and Rallying to support or protest government action

  • Contacting local, State and Federal legislators

  • Liaising with and support groups such as Moms Demand Action, the League of Women Voters and the Coastal Conservancy, and March for Our Lives students

  • Educating ourselves through reading, attending and developing group presentations

  • Developing election information materials

Violence Against Women: It's a Men's Issue
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